Notice for 05/19/2018

[School Notice]

School calendar update (important, please read)

1. Cultural class make-up date is scheduled on June 2nd.

2. End-of-school ceremony will be on June 16th (changed from June 9th)

3. School picnic originally scheduled on June 10th is now cancelled.

No Chinese school on May 26th.

Anyone interested in joining our team to become a teacher please contact us at 201- 486-9573,

Students should not play with lockers and other equipment in classrooms. School policies are enforced by school staff and on-duty parents.

Elite College Admission Strategist Nan Ni will offer free consultation on 5/19 (next Saturday) in cafeteria 2. A graduate of Harvard University, Nan has extensive experience helping highly motivated high school students to apply and get admitted into elite colleges. Click here for details.

Financial planning seminar will be held on 5/19. Join family wealth counselor, David Xi, as he teaches you a very unique and powerful investment strategy.

1.Increase family wealth by $500,000 or more without taking any risks by recapturing major household purchases such as cars, and college education

2.Guarantee your annual return and investment principal

3.Safe, guaranteed and tax free way to save for retirement

4.Best way to shelter assets from financial aid application

5.This strategy has never lost money for clients, each and every year, for more than 150 years

Click here for details.



1. 文化课延期一周:按照校历的安排,本周应为文化课最后一节课,但由于下雪造成停课,校委会决定所有文化课在6月2日补一次课。

2. 结业典礼改期:结业典礼从6月9日改为6月16日,6月9日不到校。

3. 奔腾烧烤聚餐:原定6月10日全校烧烤聚餐,由于结业典礼改期,预定的场地取消,今年的烧烤聚餐也随之取消,请大家理解,等待明年再办。




新学期教师招聘工作现在开始,需要的教师包括中文、CSL中文及其他文化课,如果您有朋友和家人希望加入奔腾的教师队伍,请推荐并联系学校,咨询电话:201- 486-9573,信箱




名牌大学规划顾问Nan Ni将于5/19(下周六)在二号餐厅提供免费咨询。Nan Ni毕业于哈佛大学,有丰富的帮助规划申请名牌大学的经验。详情。


金融顾问David Xi将于5/19(下周六)来我校举办讲座。具体时间地点见下周通知。详情。

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